Apr. 22nd, 2017 08:37 am

Bye Bye LJ

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Well, that's done.

After mumble mumble years, my LJ account has been deleted. I thought long and hard about it, mainly because I'd just paid for a full year in November. But I no longer want to be associated with what Livejournal has become in Russia. I also want to extend my support for Dreamwidth as a company, with their lack of ads and censorship, and all-around better attitude towards their customers. 

(It would sure be nice, though, if somebody could get Flexible Squares to work on Dreamwidth. Also cross-posting from Twitter!)

Pretty much everyone on my Friends List is over here anyway, and the few that aren't I can subscribe to in my feed reader. So...I guess I'm a proud Dreamer now. 
Date: 4/22/17 04:11 pm (UTC)

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I figure if/when I delete my LJ, it'll be when it's up for renewal again. I don't intend to give them any more money. EVER. But, some people I really like are NOT moving over here, so...decisions, decisions.

It's encouraging to see so many people over here. It's like community again.
Date: 4/22/17 06:07 pm (UTC)

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I also want Flexible Squares to work (HEAR US, DREAMWIDTH??) -- I miss my old layout.

I like the layout you have here. I have a sucky one I found on their generic page of templates. Where else can I look?

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